Enlightenment & Extraterrestrial Contact

7 min readApr 26, 2020

The Return of Two-Spirit People

Shiva and Shakti

Seventy-seven percent of Americans hold the belief that Earth has already been graced by the presence of extraterrestrial visitors. This prevailing notion could potentially pave the way for open discussions about this subject, wouldn’t you agree? There’s a segment of our society yearning for a kind of “savior,” whether it takes the form of a celestial deity or benevolent beings from beyond our planet. But amidst these considerations, I invite you to contemplate our own capacity to save ourselves. Isn’t it time we embrace our innate power?

Could it be that the phenomenon of Spiritual Consciousness Ascension and the prospect of Extraterrestrial Contact are intricately woven threads within the same cosmic fabric?

Envision a civilization, profoundly advanced not only in technology but in spiritual wisdom, a civilization that has seamlessly integrated “nature technology” with the cosmic dance. Imagine living in harmony with the universe, rather than attempting to conquer it.

In this evolved society, spiritual enlightenment, and interconnectedness wouldn’t be mere concepts confined to inspirational quotes on social media or distant aspirations. They would constitute the very essence of existence, guiding every action, every choice, every moment.

Some learned minds, including esteemed Specialists, Mediums, and Military Staff, propose that benevolent extraterrestrial beings might withhold contact until our collective consciousness reaches a level of true civilization. It was a few years ago that I shared my musings on the nature of “civilization” and why, perhaps, we were not quite there yet. Until now.

Recalling the profound words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, a revered voice in spiritual awakening, we find ourselves in a society grappling with various forms of addiction. Many among us seek solace in substances, both legal and illicit, while the lands we inhabit bear the burden of pollution. We cannot deny that our world remains entangled in global conflicts and the mistreatment of our fellow beings.

Who Were the Two-Spirits and What was (is) their Role?

As we journey back in history, let us not forget that many of our forebears, Colonials who ventured forth as explorers and colonizers, deemed themselves harbingers of civilization. Yet, in their encounters with indigenous cultures, they were confronted with a more fluid understanding of gender and sexuality, a concept alien to their rigid views.

Consider the Native American communities and the role of gay men as spiritual functionaries. Throughout history, pre-urban societies across the globe recognized the sacred role transgender and homosexual individuals played as Priests, Shamans, and gatekeepers of spiritual wisdom.

The story of the conquistadors’ arrival in Central America casts a somber shadow. At every turn, they encountered cross-gendered Shamans within native villages, only to respond with accusations of heresy, leading to the tragic persecution of these sacred souls. These patterns of spiritual expression were not unique; echoes of similar traditions reverberated among native peoples in Siberia, Africa, and diverse corners of Central and Southeast Asia, where androgynous individuals commanded great respect.

In these ancient societies, the belief prevailed that Two-Spirits, while bestowing numerous gifts upon their communities, played a pivotal role in harmonizing the sacred masculine and feminine energies across genders. After enduring centuries of Two-Spirit anonymity, we now face the repercussions of collective global energetic imbalance. Aligned with the emancipation of Two-Spirit individuals, there emerges the prospect of our collective enlightenment, as we embark on the journey of reawakening our inherent inner equilibrium and undergoing spiritual transformation.

Now, as we stretch our minds to imagine an advanced civilization — one not only advanced in technology but also rooted in deep spiritual understanding — we must entertain the idea that they have transcended the shackles of racism, sexism, and homophobia. It is an exercise in empathy, placing ourselves in their shoes.


Suppose these evolved beings included homosexual and transgender ambassadors within their senate. Would they feel inclined to forge a treaty of peace and cultural integration with our world? The prevailing sentiment that a man adorning his face with paint is a threat to society still lingers within over half of the United States population.

New data from YouGov shows that despite CoverGirl’s decision to hire its first CoverBoy, 50% of the general public believe it would be bad if men started wearing makeup on a daily basis. At the same time, about a third of US adults are indifferent to the idea, while only 11% think men wearing makeup would be good for society. — YouGov

Imagine their diversity, encompassing a myriad of races and cultures, each with its unique norms and values. Could we, as a collective, rise above our differences and embrace a harmonious coexistence? The truth is, we often struggle to coexist peacefully even within our own communities.

Deception & Shadow-work

New York Ingelligencer

Dissident voices have questioned the motives of groups like the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, and Bohemian Groves. Some have even postulated that these groups seek to align the liberation of homosexual and transgender individuals with their hidden agenda.

And yet, as I previously illuminated, the corridors of power have maintained a grip on society for centuries, engaging in colonization while simultaneously upholding a hostile attitude towards those who identify as non-heteronormative. Paradoxically, we’ve observed a shift toward global acceptance of homosexuality in recent decades. But how intriguing that the perception remains that these shifts are orchestrated by those who may not have supported these rights in the past.

Holy Scripture Unveiled

Secret Origins

A significant portion of the original biblical scriptures has been distorted or completely omitted from the Bible. The ancient Gnostics, in their wisdom, conveyed the teachings of Jesus as he attained enlightenment and sought to impart his profound experiences to others.

When you so identify with the light within; when you make the lower self like the God above, the mighty I am presence; when you purify your Chakras, the upper Chakras magnifying the alpha or masculine and the lower Chakras the omega or feminine energies. — Gnostic Scriptures

At the heart of Jesus’s teachings lay the purpose of guiding people toward enlightenment, accomplished through the harmonious fusion of their own sacred masculine and feminine aspects. This process mirrors our creation, as we are fashioned in the image of our Creator, who is also inherently androgynous.

Secret Power Within

Statistics suggest it’s evident that women, more than men, possess an innate advantage in accessing their intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. The foundation of this advantage lies in the fact that men, by both societal tradition and cultural conditioning, are guided to withhold emotional responses from their encounters. Embracing emotions in a consistent and mindful manner serves as the gateway to activating our psychic senses. This very insight explains the phenomenon where a greater number of psychics tend to emerge from the ranks of females or from men who are attuned to their emotional sensitivities, as noted by Psychic Medium Fernando Marron.

During the era known as the Dark Ages, our societal programming instilled in us the inclination to punish men who dared to embody feminine attributes. We were taught that such qualities within the male psyche were synonymous with evil, weakness, and even repugnance.

In reflecting on these dynamics, it’s important to recognize that the rejection of our feminine energy, regardless of gender, leaves our minds susceptible to manipulation, eroding our natural intuition. An intuitive and enlightened society, it must be emphasized, resists all attempts at control.

Consequently, consider the scenario of a male suppressing his feminine essence. This suppression may arise due to the pressures of a sexist culture or internalized homophobia. In doing so, however, he unwittingly closes off an entire facet of himself — his higher consciousness, his elevated perspective. The wisdom of embracing both aspects of his being cannot be overstated. By silencing the feminine principle, he mutes the very source of his expanded understanding.

Consciousness Shifting Forever

We find ourselves in the midst of a transition, moving from an era of darkness to a golden age, a time when the acceptance of homosexuality and Two-Spirits aligns with the expansion of Christ consciousness. A growing number of individuals are reevaluating their prejudices surrounding race, gender, and sexuality. This blossoming awareness is symptomatic of an inner spiritual transformation, where the limitations of the ego are transcended, and we embrace the profound depth of our spirits.

To save ourselves, we must shed the chains of fear and ego, forging a path toward authenticity and self-realization. In this journey, we must also confront the incongruities between culture and our inherent nature. And as we contemplate the notion of extraterrestrial “Contact,” we realize that our internal landscapes require nurturing and growth.

Let us embark on this inward exploration, shedding the layers that no longer serve us, and embracing the radiant truth that resides within. As we navigate the uncharted waters of our souls, we inch closer to the possibility of a harmonious union with beings from distant realms. The work begins within, as we cultivate compassion, understanding, and unity, laying the foundation for a world that truly thrives alongside our star family.




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